The Dark Months 

These are the times I wish an arched fireplace resided within my home. The cold is coming, I can feel it’s icy fingernails beginning to scratch our land in the early morning. Everything that I’ve looked into says that the Pacific Northwest is going to be burdened with a harsher winter than last few. I guess we’ve been due one for awhile, so cheers to big jackets. 

With the coming cold, I’ve been trying to get my daughter outside as much as possible to enjoy what little warmth still lingers. I’m worried for her this winter because she’s been proving that she gets stir crazy and bored much quicker these days. She will get plenty of time to play in the snow and I actually plan on starting to teach her to snow board, but I still for see much time locked inside.

My wife loves fall and hates winter, she likes it cool but not cold, so she plans on snuggling up with the baby and powering through numerous binge worthy shows. As for me, I love fall and winter, not only because they house my two favorite holidays of Halloween and Christmas, but because they bring a respectful amount of quietness and darkness to the land. I find it peaceful looking out my window to grey skies and a street less crowded of cars.

I find that I do my best and most writing during fall and winter, perhaps I don’t feel so bad for being inside on the laptop all day or maybe the cold air excites and stimulates my imagination. The start of a new novel soon and editing the first are my goals for this year, hopefully I’ll be emerging next spring with another rough draft. To make things better on my writing, I’ve also found that school is much easier, strange considering I’m in my senior year and it should be my hardiest, but now that I’m enjoying it and having a strong rythm with it, it comes more naturally to me. 

I hope that everyone stays warm for the winter, unless you live somewhere hot, in which case stay cool.

Payton Smith


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