A New Adventure

I’m about to undertake another adventure. Writing another novel. I finished my first one in March and did a slight edit until my son was born. I passed the novel off which is now making it through a few rounds of editing and decided to hold off on starting another book. With my life being so hectic the past few years the only time I have to work on my personal writing is late at night, like way late, to the point that I cut down on healthy sleeping amounts. Perhaps why my stories are so dark, my environment?

Well, with the little one here and waking up so spontaneous as well as serious lack of sleep for myself, there was no writing happening. He is now sleeping through the night! It’s time to celebrate, and by celebrate, I mean brainstorming for a new novel. I considered writing a YA Science Fiction novel and have written a few shorts for the genre, but my instincts are telling me to continue with fantasy right now.

I’ll take the next few weeks to brainstorm and plan/plot out, then I will start probably beginning of October. That’s when I started my last novel so I can compare myself to last year. I’m usually pretty secretive about my novels on the Internet, opposite of my shorts which I give most out for free unless I use it for competition. However, I may discuss about the process along the way. I would like to leave this post on a question, how do you prepare for your writing? Brainstorming? Notes? Or just dive in head first? 


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