Those Foggy Days

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like your in a head fog, your so busy with your daily routines that you don’t have a moment to cull those racing thoughts? That’s how I’ve felt the past few days, with work, school, and the children, I haven’t had much time for anything else… Or more importantly, that I haven’t had much more energy beyond that.

This has led me to focus a little more on my health than usual. My eating habits are plain awful and I don’t exercise properly. My two year old eats way better than I do and I need to be up to par. My wife has decided to do the paleo diet for awhile so I figured I’d give it a go. Not that I need to lose weight, I just need to get my eating habits under control and this sounds like an easy way to do so. After that diet, I can adjust to a better eating life style.

I’m banking on the idea that eating a little better and adding a little bit more exercise to my routine will give me more energy for time with my wife, writing, reading, and gaming, the usuals. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears for health. 

Since I haven’t had much time for writing, I can’t say much about this. My math class is almost over and I’ve found that I write more through my English classes (perhaps I’m just in the mindset of it?) I have finished about half a short story which I decided to write at 2am the other day, it is a science fantasy which stems from an idea for a YA novel I had awhile back. It won’t be very long about 1500-2000 words and I’ll probably post it onto my writing self promotion blog. This blog will just be a small library of shorter pieces I’ve written and will be up in about the next month or two.

A little off topic, but I have heard a few things I would recommend to everyone and that is two Tedtalks, one being “Dreams from Endangered Cultures” by Wade Davis and “The Giant Trees” by Richard Preston. Both very well presented and very interesting topics.

Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading. Live outside the fog! 


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